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3 Ways To Remember Family Activities Without Your Phone

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When you plan family activities and adventures, you may find it natural to pull out your phone to capture photos, videos, and media to remember the vacation by. Instead of losing focus behind the screen, you may feel more involved and engaged if you choose to leave the phone behind and embark on a family fun day without the extra electronics.

Even without your phone, you can find multiple ways to remember and cherish the family activities you choose. Check out some of the ways to remember your excursions and build memories with everyone involved.

1. Journal Entries

After a day of family activities, take the night to remember the experience and write down all the vivid details. Either handwrite or type out a journal entry that includes a wide range of details on the trip. For example, you could detail your favorite moments from the activity, how you felt, and describe some of the best moments.

Years later, you can look back on the journal and reflect on the family activities and emotions you went through during that time. You could also encourage your children to write their own journal entries or draw detailed pictures about their favorite part of the whole experience.

2. Souvenir Shops

After you finish a family activity, check if the location has a souvenir shop. A small souvenir is an ideal way to remember your vacation and offer a daily reminder. Choose a souvenir that can showcase your family's adventure on a daily basis. For example, if you drink coffee on a daily basis, then consider a coffee mug with a logo.

You could purchase a key chain from the location and attach it to your key ring. Place a pin on a purse, lanyard, or backpack. The small reminders allow you to flashback to your family adventure fondly. If you want something the whole family can share, then consider a refrigerator magnet everyone will look at every day.

3. Family Collages

Extend your family fun and bonding with the creation of a collage. Use pamphlets, printed pictures from a website, and other materials to create a collage that represents the family activity everyone did. A family collage can feature a lot of unique details. Use magazines and cut out words that represent the activity.

For example, you may cut out words like "exciting", "adventure" and "fun". You could also cut out individual letters and place them together to spell specific words. Hang up the collage for everyone to see and remember the trip.

With one or more of the methods, you could leave your phone behind and truly take in every part of family activities and adventures.