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3 Ways To Use Fireworks For Low-Budget Film Productions

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Without lots of money, creating special effects in a low-budget film requires a lot of creativity. The safe use of wholesale fireworks gives you a lot of options for creating unique shots and visuals while you film. As you plan out your script and story, learn how to creatively use fireworks for various shots.

1. Create Space Elements

When you eliminate the sounds from certain fireworks in the sky, the visuals may often look like something from out of this world. Use specialty fireworks for various space elements if your production involves science-fiction elements. For example, when you buy fireworks, you can look for designs that fizzle out like asteroids or comets flying through space.

Some of the orb-shaped fireworks may look like a UFO flying through the sky. Watch video previews of firework products to see how the various fireworks shoot off. From there, you can choose the best ones to fit within your production and emulate elements from space.

2. Create Opening Credits

If your movie is set around the 4th of July or some type of celebration, then simply record high quality fireworks against the night sky for your opening credits. When you frame the firework explosion to a specific corner, the rest of the space acts as a black backdrop to put in the title of a film, actor names, or other credits.

Capture multiple shots and angles so you have plenty of stock footage to use for the credits. The use of a tripod will also help with the stability of a shot.

3. Safe Explosions

If your film features explosions or combat, then fireworks will create a great special effect. Your performers can remain far away from the firework blast while you still capture a unique shot of the explosion. For example, you could frame a person on the left side of the scene and have the firework go off over the right shoulder.

If you edit the shoulder shot with another close-up of the firework explosion, then the perspective will look closer than it actually was. Play around with angles to ensure everyone is far enough way while capturing the take as the firework goes off. Ideally you want to purchase multiple versions of the same firework to ensure you can capture the same take multiple times and do not use up a firework without the proper footage.

Once your story is fully planned out, you can take the time to implement fireworks and order the exact styles you need for your production. For buy fireworks for your film, look for wholesale fireworks distributors.