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4 Things You Need at Your Concert

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Amazing concerts don't happen by accident. They take planning, know-how, and the right equipment. A concert production service can help you make sure that your upcoming concert is a fun, safe success that will have everyone talking for weeks to come. Here are four easily overlooked aspects of concert production that a professional production company can help you manage:

1. Crowd Control

Popular musical acts can draw large crowds. A sold-out show is a measure of success, but controlling and directing a large crowd of people can be a challenge. A concert production team can help you provide a safe, pleasant experience for concertgoers by suggesting effective crowd control techniques. Having ushers show guests to their seats can prevent confusion. Hiring security guards to check bags at the door can prevent people from bringing in contraband. A combination of effective signage and hired security will ensure that even large concerts remain orderly and manageable.

2. Lighting

When people think of concert equipment, they typically think of sound systems. It's true that a good sound system is a must-have for any concert event. However, lighting is equally important. Stage lights can help you create the right atmosphere for your performers. Spotlights will allow audience members to see what's going on onstage, and colored gels can tint the performance lights to create a rainbow of lighting effects. Night concerts also require lighting along walkways so concertgoers can safely navigate the venue.

3. Waste Management

Concerts generate waste, especially if you plan to serve refreshments at your event. A cash bar can generate revenue, but plastic cups and napkins can create a lot of refuse. A concert production team will help you set up trash bags and trash cans in strategic areas. Keeping the space clean will ensure that concertgoers have a great time. It can also help to ensure that you get your venue deposit back.

4. First Aid Stations

First aid stations can help concertgoers that exceed their limits at your event. People who attend outdoor concerts may succumb to heatstroke, especially if they haven't been hydrating appropriately. Even indoor concerts can feature medical emergencies. First aid stations will allow injured or ill concertgoers to get the help they need. First aid stations should be stocked with water, basic wound care supplies, and someone to provide medical assistance. 911 should always be called in the event of an emergency, but many minor maladies can be treated with basic first aid.

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