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3 Unique Sports Show Themes Based In Louisiana

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The state of Louisiana is known for professional sports teams like the New Orleans Saints, but the area has a lot of unique sporting events as well. When you sign up for a Louisiana streaming service subscription, you can check out the unique sport offerings that dive deep into the Louisiana culture.

Not only do the sports involve a lot of the local area, but many of them involve water and wildlife. Learn about each sport and different shows you can look for featuring the events.

1. Alligator Wrestling

Louisiana is known for its vast alligator population, and many people have taken to a physical challenge and sport known as "alligator wrestling." The goal is simple: to hop on the back on the back of an alligator and wrangle the creature under your control.

Experienced alligator farmers often partake in the intense sport, and there may be different challenges associated with alligator wrestling. Shows may go behind the scenes of alligator farm operations and also include a detailed look at how alligators are raised and cared for.

Tourists often come to visit alligators, and some may take the opportunity to wrestle one.

2. Flyboarding

One of the more unique water-based sports in the Louisiana area is flyboarding. Extreme sports shows and recreation shows may showcase flyboarding actions by experienced users and first-time flyboarders. Flyboarding uses hydro-based jets that propel a person up in the air by their feet.

The rider coasts high above the water and must maintain their balance while in the air. Along with watching a flyboarder coast across the water, you can see the advanced riders who have learned how to do tricks. Extreme sports shows may showcase the tricks through music montages. You may also see flyboarding as a part of blooper shows as people crash and fall into the water.

3. Catfish Noodling

Fishing shows are common to find on a Louisiana streaming channel subscription, but one of the more unique fishing experiences you can watch is catfish noodling. Catfish noodling is common in southern states like Louisiana and is a form of bare-handed fishing.

Fishermen wade in the water and go deep into the mud in an attempt to catch catfish by shoving their arm down the mouth of the fish. The person then lifts the fish up out of the water. The fishing is fascinating to watch and often results in some really large catches.

The shows are great to mix with traditional sports and can give you an authentic look into Lousiana culture.

To learn more, contact a resource like the Louisiana Film Channel.