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4 Amazon Shows Ideal For Science-Fictions Fans

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Streaming services offer a wide range of niche shows and genres for fans to explore. If you enjoy the world of science-fiction, then you can find some of the best Amazon TV shows rooted directly in the genre. With a mix of comedy and drama, each of the following shows offers unique worlds to enjoy and the full seasons give you a lot of binge-watching options.

1. Upload

The Office creator Greg Daniels produced this science-fiction comedy about a man who dies tragically and has his brain and body image uploaded into a digital world where he can live out a complete fantasy life. The show mixes a lot of humor with sci-fi concepts about the digital costs of the afterlife and the important choices we have to make as humans.

Upload stars Robbie Amell as the main character. The show currently has a single season, but was renewed for a second season.

2. The Boys

The Boys is a completely original take on the superhero genre, with ultra-violent scenes and a lot of science-fiction elements never explored in the superhero genre before. The show pushes the boundaries of who we consider heroes and showcases how marketing and superheroes blend together to create a lot of corruption and issues.

Some of the stand-out heroes include the leader, Homelander, the sea-dwelling hero known as The Deep, and the one of the newest heroes, Starlight. The show currently has two complete seasons with plans for more.

3. Carnival Row

A show based on a strong science-fiction concept, Carnival Row follows a fictional world where humans and magical creatures are forced to co-exist with each other. The core of the show is a love story between a human and a fairy that becomes even more complicated when a murder investigation takes place.

The series is full of special effects and visuals in nearly every scene. The series has one season and has been renewed for a second season.

4. Utopia

John Cusack and Rainn Wilson star in Utopia, a science-fiction show about a group of people who stumble upon a mysterious comic book and must save the world. The show has many sci-fi elements and is hard to describe without revealing all of the plot twists and deep layers within the story.

There are a lot of high concepts in the show and a lot of comedy is sprinkled in with the science-fiction elements.

Amazon shows can be streamed on various devices or through standard computer browsers as well.