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3 Tips for Lighting Fireworks This Summer

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With many cities shutting down their local firework shows this year due to the recent pandemic, people are going to be more likely to light off fireworks at home to celebrate the holidays this summer. However, safety is incredibly important if you decide to do this. Here are some tips for lighting fireworks at home.

Light From a Flat and Level Surface

A common mistake that people make when lighting fireworks is placing them directly on the grass of the field they are lighting them on. It is crucial that you place the firework on a surface that is flat and level. If the surface is uneven, it is very likely that the firework could tip over after the first blast, especially if it is a cake style firework that has several bursts. The level surface will help prevent this from happening. Having a board to light the firework on will also prevent the surrounding grass from catching on fire if the firework were to fall over. 

Keep Viewers In a Safety Zone

The packaging for the fireworks will tell you how high in the air they will shoot. It is a good idea to keep spectators in a safety zone that is an equal distance away from the lighting area. For example, if the firework will shoot 100 feet in the air, keep spectators at least 100 feet away. This will ensure that everyone is safe if a firework tips over and does shoot sideways.

Always Assume That a Firework Is Still Live

You want to make the assumption that a firework is still live and could go off at any moment, even if it appears to be done shooting. You should never stand directly above a firework after it has been lit. When the firework is finished, you should approach it carefully and have your back turned to the firework, then knock it over on its side so that it would shoot away from spectators if it does go off. You can then cover it with water to ensure that it will not go off anymore. 

If you do encounter a firework that appears to be a dud, treat it as if it would go off at any second. Don't discard it to the side until you have covered it with water. It is possible for a dud to still go off due to a fuse that potentially came disconnected, but is still burning inside the firework. 

Fireworks are a great part of the holidays and can make any event more fun. To learn more, visit a store that has fireworks for sale.