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A New Year's Bash That Caters To Singles

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If this past New Year's Eve was spent alone watching the ball drop on television, you may be feeling as if this year is destined to be boring. Being single can be troubling, but if you don't get out there and meet others, your situation will not change. Next year, attend one or more New Year's parties that are designed for singles and that offer icebreakers, cash prizes, dancing, and an array of festive foods.

You Won't Feel Singled Out

Because each person who attends a singles party will be seeking companionship, you won't feel as if you are being singled out or risk spending the evening in the corner by yourself. People who have difficulty opening up to others will appreciate the festive vibe and the interaction that the disc jockey or facilitator of the event will have with the attendees.

Games that involve being paired up with someone else or assigned to a team will encourage speaking to some new acquaintances. You may not meet your match initially, but as the night wears on and you get more involved in each aspect of the party, you may discover that you have chemistry with someone and would like to get to know the person better.

Relaxing Will Prompt You To Let Loose

Many people let their guard down on New Year's Eve and enjoy indulging in beverages that contain alcohol. One or two cocktails will help you lose your inhibitions and could encourage you to strike up a conversation with someone who has made an impression on you. Get on the dance floor, sign up for each contest that is offered, and try out the appetizers and main courses that were prepared for the festivities.

Try to eliminate any thoughts of your normal routine or responsibilities and enjoy each moment of the party. If the singles party is being held in a town that is several miles away from your home, don't risk driving to and from the venue. You don't want to limit your ability to drink champagne at midnight or share a round of shots with some new friends.

Book a reservation at a hotel and hire a cab driver to transport you. As a result, you won't feel pressured to leave the party by a specific time. If you and another person hit it off and would like to spend more time getting to know each other, ask the individual if they would like to watch the sunrise with you or if they would care to join you for a cup of coffee or breakfast.