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3 Scenarios in Which Buying a Fast Pass Is a Smart Choice

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Regardless of what amusement park you're visiting, you're likely to have an exciting day on the rides. One thing that can sometimes get in the way of the fun, however, is the long lines throughout the park. This can especially be a factor on days with good weather and on weekends, and you may find yourself waiting several minutes before you're able to take each ride. Many parks have something that is often called a fast pass, which is a pass that you can buy to give you access to a shorter line at each ride. Here are three scenarios in which making this investment is a smart idea.

You're Visiting With Kids

Being able to skip the long lines in favor of joining the shorter ones is a good idea when you're visiting an amusement park with children. Although standing in a long line can be a lesson in patience for children, the reality is that many kids will start to get fussy. You will likely quickly get fed up with your children's griping about the length of the line and their questions about how much longer you'll need to wait until it's time to take the ride. When you buy a pass, these issues won't be a factor — and this can make a big difference in everyone's overall enjoyment of the day.

You Have a Limited Amount Of Time

Many people devote entire days to visiting family amusement parks, arriving as the park opens and not leaving until the evening. When you're at the park for so many hours, you might not have a problem with waiting for a period of time in each line. However, if your visit is short for any reason — perhaps you're visiting the park after leaving work an hour early on a Friday — you want to spend as much time on the rides as possible. A pass will be valuable in such a situation.

The Park Is Exceptionally Busy

On days where the park's attendance is low — for example, during a weekday in the early fall after school has resumed — you may be able to breeze through the lines and spend a lot of time enjoying rides. However, if you arrive at the park and quickly notice that it's exceptionally busy, a fast pass can be a good thing to buy. Note the number of vehicles in the parking lot and even in the lines to get inside of the park when you're evaluating whether a pass will be right for you.