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Why It's Best To Leave Your Consumption Of Alcohol Until After Your Escape Room Experience

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Many escape rooms have facilities that serve alcohol, making for a perfect opportunity to have a drink or two with your friends who are also tackling the escape room with you. While you might decide to book a late escape room game so that you can sip some beverages in advance, you might wish to consider the opposite approach — playing the escape room, and then relaxing with some drinks afterward. It's generally best to hold off your consumption of alcohol until you're done in the escape room. Here's why.

You May Not Be Able To Get In

Many escape room centers have a number of rules concerning participants' behavior, and this can include the sobriety of participants. If a participant appears to be intoxicated, the escape room staff may not let him or her into the escape room. There are many reasons for this rule, but one concern is that someone who has been drinking may not behave appropriately once the escape room game begins. For example, this person may choose to exhibit reckless behavior that results in damage to the room. When you leave your drinking until after your game, you won't have this worry.

You May Struggle With Your Thinking

It's never a good strategy to drink before you want to make some challenging decisions, but that's exactly what you'd be doing should you choose to have a few drinks before your escape room game begins. Getting out of the escape room in time requires you to have a sharp mind. For many people, alcohol will dull the mind a little, and you might quickly find yourself annoyed that you chose to drink before your game. Delaying your drinks will give you a better chance at success.

You May Get Into Arguments

Some people become a little more argumentative when they've been drinking, and this isn't the type of dynamic that you want to experience with your fellow escape room participants. There are often times that you'll have a different reaction to a clue in the escape room that your peers. When everyone is sober and committed to working together, it's relatively easy to come to a consensus. However, when everyone has had a couple of drinks, the risk of an argument that may affect the fun you're having is higher. Once you get out of the escape room, win or lose, it can be fun to kick back with a few drinks and talk about the experience with your friends.

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