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Are You Planning a Mini Golf Birthday Party for Your Young Son?

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Now that your son is having a birthday, perhaps you are planning something special. For example, maybe your son is excited to have a two-digit number as he turns ten years old. No matter his exact age, from choosing mini golf for the party theme to sending out cute invitations, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a fun birthday party your son will remember for a very long time. 

The Birthday Party Invitations 

Was mini golf for the main birthday party event your idea? If your son has already played mini golf, maybe he came up with the idea himself. After all, once one has played mini-golf, it's very likely that it will become a favorite activity. Don't you think that making the invitations together will just add to the fun? Even a simple design will make a clever invitation.

For example, have a sketch of a golf ball in the front of the invitation. Words inside the golf ball might say something like, "Have a ball at my mini golf birthday party!" The inside of the invitation could have a depiction of a golf club. All of the information about the party, including the date, time and location of the mini-golf course would be part of the design. Beside to include RSVP information.

The Mini Golf Course Event 

Be sure to call ahead of time to reserve space at the mini-golf course. A close approximation of how many kids will be attending the birthday party will be very helpful. The facility will provide all the golf clubs and a ball for each participant. Find out ahead of time if the facility has something like pizza available on the premises. If not, make sure that it's acceptable for you to bring food into the area. It might be that there will be a special space designated for party food. 

Decide, too, how many rounds of golf you want the kids to play. For example, if it is a small party, the kids might want to play a second round. If there are a lot of kids at your son's party, then one round will probably take up a great deal of party time. 

There's lots of ways to create a memorable day for your 10-year-old child. Learn more about hosting a party at a mini-golf course by contacting local companies such as Bonanza Golf and Gifts.