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3 Of The Most Important Things To Tell Your Wedding DJ

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What your wedding DJ plays is the primary entertainment for your wedding reception and/or wedding. Hiring the right DJ can either make or break the event, so effective communication is essential. Once you have chosen the DJ for your wedding, there are several things you will need to discuss beforehand, such as the cost, the time they will start and end, and if you will only need their services at the reception or at both the wedding and the reception. Here are 3 of the most important things you will need to tell your wedding DJ to ensure you and your guests have a memorable event.

How to Pronounce Your Names

This may sound like something you shouldn't have to discuss, but even the most common names may be mispronounced. Provide the wedding DJ with a list of names for the wedding party as well as family members that you know will be making a speech, such as the best man, maid of honor, and the parents of the bride and groom. Also, make sure the DJ knows how you want them to announce you for your entrance. For instance, would you prefer to be addressed as Mr. and Mrs. or by your first and last name?

When to Play Specific Songs

There are several things that take place during the wedding and the reception that make the occasion special, such as the bride's entry, bride and grooms first dance, and the father-daughter dance. Each of these moments require a specific song choice, so it is important to clarify with your DJ which songs you want and when to play them. Letting the DJ know song choices in advance will help to avoid the last-minute havoc and it will prevent any delays in the special moment.

DJ Interactions

Along with the introductions, many wedding DJs are willing to interact with your guests. For instance, requesting song requests, announcing when it is time to eat, or when the bar will stop serving drinks. It is important to clearly specify to the DJ how much interaction you expect, and keep in mind that generally the more interactive your DJ is with the guests, the more your guests will be willing to participate in the festivities.

During the initial consultation with your wedding DJ, be sure to let them know the type of music you prefer them to play throughout the event. It is also important to let the DJ if there are certain songs or music genres that should not be played. Also, remind the DJ to be mindful of any language that may be offensive to your guests.