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Three Reasons To Get Your Pumpkins Direct From A Pumpkin Farm

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Fall brings with it football, falling leaves, and cool, crisp air. One additional thing that is often associated with fall is the pumpkin. Spooky pumpkin carvings dominate the Halloween season before giving way to pumpkin pie around Thanksgiving. If you want to get into the spirit of the season this autumn, here are three reasons why you should pick your pumpkins at a local pumpkin farm instead of buying them in a store.

Straight From the Source

When you purchase a pumpkin in a store, you are purchasing something that has probably been traveling across the country in recent days. Depending on where your local grocery sources their pumpkins, it might actually have been weeks since the pumpkin was picked from its farm and put on a truck. If you want to use your pumpkins for cooking, you will want your pumpkins to be as fresh as possible. Getting a pumpkin directly from the farm leaves no question as to its freshness and overall condition.

Create Memories with the Kids

If you have children, no childhood is complete without a visit to a pumpkin patch. Your child will enjoy picking out his or her own pumpkin and taking ownership of it whether it's for their school's carving contest or for learning how bake pumpkin pie. If you think back to your own childhood, you probably can recall your own parents taking you to a pumpkin patch. Make sure your children have a chance to create their own memories before it's too late.

More Than Just Pumpkins

If you take your child to a pumpkin farm in the middle of fall, you can expect a wide range of other activities besides just picking pumpkins. A trip to a pumpkin farm can be a great way for the family to spend an entire day. Check out the corn maze, the petting zoo, the hay ride, and any other attractions your local farm has put together.

This fall, don't get your pumpkins from your local grocer. Head out to your local pumpkin farm and pick a pumpkin straight from the source. This will allow you to ensure you are getting great quality for all your fall cooking needs, and a trip to the pumpkin patch can also be a memorable experience that your children will cherish long into adulthood. Call up your local pumpkin farm to inquire about tour packages and operating hours today.