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Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Radio Show Host?

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You want to be in the entertainment industry, but you don't entirely want to be in the limelight. You don't want to be behind the scenes, either. Why not consider becoming a radio host for a live show?

Do you have what it takes to be a radio show host? Use this guide to find out.

You have a pleasant voice

Your voice has to not only sound good, it has to be able to convey emotions without people being able to see you. Can you sound exuberant, irritated, sarcastic, emotional, happy, and change your voice to meet the needed emotional atmosphere on a whim? If so, you may be a great candidate to do radio.

You think on the spot

Being live on the air means you don't have much time to create conversation with your interviewees and fellow radio hosts. This means you must be able to think on your feet, and have something witty to say or something meaningful to add to conversation immediately. Nothing is worse in radio than dead air and you don't want to be the host to provide it.

You are a people person

You'd think being behind a microphone in a private radio booth would mean you don't have to have much people skills, but the opposite is actually true. Since your audience can't actually see you, you have to be able to get along smoothly with your cast to create a pleasant and believable atmosphere. Being an introvert means that radio may not be best for you.

You are open-minded

When it comes to live radio, you never know what your guests or callers are going to say. You have to be an open-minded person who is willing to (for the most part) put their personal opinions on sensitive subjects aside to make a successful live radio show. If you are squeamish about certain subjects or have very strong views on nearly everything, consider another field in entertainment, or only seek hosting live radio shows that focus on your strong interests.

You love radio

Finally, there is more to being a radio host than simply having a nice voice and enjoying being around people. You have to have a love for radio itself. Since radio is a time-honored format of entertainment, you have to put your heart into the whole process in order to be great at this type of career. 

You will learn a lot about seeing a live radio show in action. Consider listening to live radio shows, such as from STAR WORLDWIDE NETWORKS, before deciding if this type of career is best for you.