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Three Ways To Catch The Attention Of Major Animation Studios

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Comic book and animation specialists typically start young. Drawing comic books and creating animated homes and characters are a good start in becoming an animation specialist. The process of becoming a professional animator also involves college courses that focus on technique and learning the technology that studios use for cartoon and movie animation. If you are preparing to pitch your skills and your characters to animation studios, here are some ways to catch the attention and find your way into the new animation news cycle. 

Create social media surrounding your animation

It is a good idea to pitch your characters and animated show or movie after you have a good plot developed or a vision for your series. Once you have produced a full comic book or one episode of your show or movie, you should begin to publish some of your drawing and characters. Getting on the radar of those in the comic and animation industry will lead to contacts who will put you in touch with studios who enjoy your particular style of character and picture development. 

Attend premiers of animated movies

One of the fun things that you can do that you may not have thought of is attending the premieres of highly anticipated animated movies. Though the premiers may be considered for children and parents or the stars of the movie, this is the perfect place to schmooze and meet with people in the industry. Sign up for industry news on animation websites and through movie studios. When new movies are being released check for premiere tickets on the websites. Shaking hands, exchanging business cards, and having a short conversation with other animators will give you some new contacts and connections in the industry. 

Consider releasing a short

If you are creating an animated series or movie that you want to be released by a major studio, you should be releasing a teaser. The teaser video can be just a few minutes, but it will need to properly outline the overall plot of your story. A teaser should be well marketed on all of your social media sites so that every contact you have will have a full view of the episode. The closer that fans get to your characters, the better the base for your potential movie. This can be included in your pitches to movie studios to show just how much interest your comic has garnered. 

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