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Start Planing Your Event By Renting The Tables And Chairs

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One of the first things you'll need to do after finding a venue for your party is to rent tables and chairs. If the venue doesn't provide them, you'll want to lock in your order early so they will be available on the date you want. Here are a few tips for renting tables and chairs.

Choose The Type And Number Of Tables

You can choose between round and rectangular tables. Each of these come in different sizes and seat different numbers of guests. You'll need to have a good idea of how many people will attend your event before you reserve the tables. If you'll serve food or drinks, you'll probably want a long banquet table to hold them. Smaller tables can be set up to hold coffee or tea. You might want to seat guests at rectangular tables, but round tables allow for better conversation and mingling. Large round tables can accommodate as many people as banquet tables and round tables are easier to walk around.

When you're ready to order the tables, use the number of guests you anticipate and the number of people who can sit at each table to determine the right number to reserve. Also, consider the amount of food you'll serve and how many drink stations you need when ordering serving tables. If you'll have a table of honor or a table to seat speakers, then you'll probably want a rectangular table for them that is large enough to seat them all on the same side.

Rent Tablecloths Too

Rental tables usually aren't the most attractive pieces of furniture. They are usually just basic folding tables that have seen a lot of use. You'll probably want to cover them with tablecloths to make them more attractive. You can rent them in a variety of colors. They are usually long enough to touch the floor to hide the tables completely. You order the tablecloths according to the size of the table, and they can be plain or fancy. They can be in corporate colors, white, or black to hide stains.

Select The Rental Chairs

Rental chairs are usually basic metal or resin folding chairs. If your event will be long, you may want to rent padded chairs for increased comfort of your guests. Renting the right number of chairs is important, so you'll probably want to order more than you think you'll need. You can always squeeze an extra person up to a table, but if you're short on chairs, there isn't much you can do. If your event is upscale, you can order chairs made of wood or metal with high backs. You could even order covers for the chairs that make them look more attractive. Don't forget to rent booster chairs or highchairs if there will be children at your event.

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