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Run A Tight-Knit Office? Head To An Escape Room When Hiring A New Employee

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Managing an office takes a lot of work, especially when you want to do everything you can to make sure your employees are working well together. Although some people will develop actual bonds and friendships that helps them collaborate on projects or ask for help, not everyone will have this experience. When you bring in a new employee, you should work on team building.

Although you can try out various exercises inside the office, you should consider reserving an escape room for everyone in the office as soon as you hire someone new.

Casual Introduction

The great thing about an escape room is that it will provide the new employee with a casual introduction to the office. This laid-back setting will help to keep their nerves down. Also, since you are organizing the event for an escape room, they can focus on meeting the employees.

An excellent way to expand this experience is to include going out for dinner either before or after the escape room. Afterward is often ideal because you will have so much to talk about after going through the escape room and attempting to solve various puzzles together as a team.

Immediate Team Building

When you are working on projects in the office, everyone may have their own way of handling things. This can lead to some obstacles when you bring a new employee on board because their past experiences may have them handling tasks in a different way. But, you can start the team building process inside an escape room where these work habits are not as impactful.

The most important part is to open up communication for everyone. First off, you want your new employee to be willing to ask questions to your current employees. You also want to encourage your existing employees to speak up and open the conversation with someone who is new. This is a lot easier to accomplish in a casual setting in which work-related results are not expected.

Routine Experience for Employees

When you start a tradition of doing this for each new employee, going to an escape room will become a routine experience for everyone in the office. You can even outline how you want the experience to go beforehand so that your employees know what to accomplish. For instance, going in with a focus on communicating with the new employee can lead to better results

An escape room is an ideal place to go for team building with a new employee.