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Impress Customers During The Grand Opening Of Your Small Dance Club And Tiki Bar

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If you recently purchased a small dance club that includes an oudoor tiki bar and you plan on holding an outdoor celebratory bash during the grand opening of your business, impressing customers with fun and exciting activities is paramount to make sure the event is a success. Implement the following strategies to help make the grand opening a hit.

Use A Foam Machine And Colorful Lighting

Rent or purchase a foam machine and colored dye that is designed to be mixed with soapy water. Purchase a large drum or bucket, and set it on a flat surface. Hang the foam machine from a stable item nearby. After filling the drum or bucket with water, place the foam machine's submersible water pump in the water. Attach the water pump's hose to the foam machine's fan.

Next, add detergent and dye to the drum or bucket. Once you have turned on and primed the submersible pump, turn on the machine, and foam will be emitted. As your patrons are moving and grooving to music that is played, they will be greeted with tons of colorful suds that will make the dance experience unlike any they have experienced before, making it a foam party.

To further enhance the outdoor dancing area, install waterproof lighting that contains multi-colored bulbs, so your customers can enjoy the foam and the lighting while they dance. 

Offer A Reduced Cover Fee And Host A Dance Contest

If you plan on charging a cover fee on a routine basis, go easy on your new clients by offering a reduced fee on the date of the grand opening. Place some of the proceeds raised in an envelope, and designate the money as a cash prize for a dance party. Hire a disc jockey to play an array of dance music during the contest and the rest of the party.

Request that the disc jocket sets up their work area prior to the event so that music can immediately be played once customers begin arriving at your business. Hang signs up that announce the time of the dance contest, and include information about the monetary prize so that people will be encouraged to compete in the competition. 

Add Games And A Snack Bar

Although many of your guests may want to dance during the grand opening, others may be more interested in playing games or sitting down and enjoying some snacks with the beverages they purchase from the tiki bar. Rent some games, including a dunking booth, dart throw, basketball hoop and ball, and horseshoes, and set them up next to the dance floor and tiki bar.

Welcome your guests to compete against each other at their leisure. Add a snack bar outdoors that includes finger foods and light desserts, and allow your guests to help themselves to the snacks that they prefer.