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How To Find The Most Accurate And Up-To-Date Haunted House Reviews

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It doesn't have to be Halloween to want to enjoy a good scare and a trip to a haunted house or attraction with friends or family. In fact, the majority of haunted houses are open year round and can offer themes for different holidays and even change their story lines once or twice a year. How can you find the most accurate and up-to-date reviews for the attraction you are interested in? You will want to know if the attraction is worth heading to and what ones to skip.

Dedicated Haunted House Review Sites

You will find most attractions will have their own dedicated review sites in which professional reviewers can go and write what they thought of the attraction. You will most likely be familiar with restaurant reviewers in this sense but there are actually those who are employed to review haunted houses as well. There are a few of them online and even some specifically for real haunted houses and for entertainment fictional ones so make sure you are on the right type of site for what you are looking for.

These reviewers will visit the house or attraction and give a comprehensive review – without giving away too much of the thrills and scares so you get a good idea if this is a place you would like to visit.

Travel Websites

Yes, travel websites do have sections in which you can read reviews for different attractions in cities and destinations of your choice. This does include haunted house attractions both real and imagined. You can head to sites such as Yelp or TripAdvisor to name a couple for star ratings and actual visitor reviews and opinions on hundreds of different haunted house experiences. You might even get to read responses from the house's operators too. If you have never been to these types of websites, it is possible to ask questions of those who have gone to your house of choice and get accurate answers without giving too much away.

Entertainment Magazines Online

While they are more popular during Halloween, even online entertainment magazines and yes, even well-known ones like Vanity often do yearly reviews of haunted houses and attractions. They are typically professional reviewers, so they are paid to take a trip around and give their honest opinions, but sometimes you will see regular people who want to share their experience with the property too.

You don't have to wait for once a year, however, to get your haunted house reviews, if the attraction has a change of story or it's popular enough, you will find updated reviews occurring more often. The reviews will remain on the website indefinitely so you can find what you are looking for year-round.